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12 Top Play-To-Earn Crypto Games To Play In 2022


For numerous reasons, play-to-earn crypto games have been very popular in recent years. People enjoy playing online games, and the possibility of earning money while doing so appeals to the majority of people. It may be difficult to learn how to play one of those games, but the effort is still worthwhile. You’ll observe that the majority of them have a lot to offer gamers and could be very lucrative. Players had the option of rewarding each other with non-fungible tokens, cash, or both. In some games, users can also design their own NFTs to enhance the experience.

Crypto games that allow players to engage in gaming activities like fighting, breeding, fulfilling quests, or other activities are known as play-to-earn games.

By doing this, they can obtain some kind of in-game cash that can then be exchanged for NFTs or transferred directly to a crypto wallet and exchanged for tokens or currencies that can be used to make payments in the real world.

One of the key incentives for players to participate actively in these games is the way in which players are compensated when they play these crypto games. The popularity of “play-to-earn” games has increased significantly because of this.

Having said that, we’ll talk about some of the biggest cryptocurrency games that trade for millions of dollars every day.

1. Pegaxy

A game of legendary horse racing set in the future is called Pegasus Galaxy or Pegaxy. Players can take part in the races and win prizes during the gaming. Players must grasp the game’s components, hone their abilities, comprehend its mechanics, and outperform opponents.

  • GENRE: Horse Racing Game
  • PLATFORM: PC / Mac / Mobile
  • BLOCKCHAIN: Polygon

Pega is the name of the horses in the game. There are four distinct bloodlines: Klin, Zan, Hoz, and Campona. They may be gathered, bred, and sold again.

VIS is the Polygon chain’s native token for the Pegaxy platform. By participating in the race and placing in the top 3, players can acquire VIS tokens. Players must, however, buy or rent a Pega from the market in order to participate in the race.

2. Zed Run

Zed Run, a popular blockchain horse racing game that enables players to own, breed, and race virtual horses, has over one million races that have been completed. Horses are divided into four bloodlines, from the most uncommon—Nakamoto—to the most prevalent—Buterin.

Rarity traits like bloodline and breeding qualities like genotype influence a horse’s chances of winning a race. By winning races or breeding and reselling valuable horses, you can earn cryptocurrency.

Zed Run
  • GENRE: Horse Racing Game
  • PLATFORM: PC / Mac / Mobile
  • BLOCKCHAIN: Ethereum / Polygon


Chris Laurent, Rob Salha, Geoff Wellman, and Chris Ebeling formed Zed Run in 2018, which was based in Australia. Virtually Human Studio is the parent organization. The Zed Run team has stated that the game is not meant to be chance-focused, but rather one that emphasizes skill and strategy.

How does Zed Run work?

Creating a “stable,” or an account, on the Zed Run website is where players start the game. From there, they buy a starter racehorse from either Hawku or the official Zed Run OpenSea collection. A player is prepared to compete for prizes once they have their first horse and have finished a few practice races.

Players must pay a buy-in fee in order to participate in races with a prize pool. The prize pool increases in direct proportion to the buy-in! The first six horses to cross the finish line win a portion of the prize money in the majority of these races, which pit 12 horses of the same class against one another. Of course, achieving higher rankings entitles you to a larger share of the prize fund.

3. Thetan Arena

You control a hero who will play a specific class and function on the field of battle. He has the option of being an assassin, tank, or marksman.

The hero you select will have a unique ultimate, and you can also add two additional skills that are available to all heroes in addition to that. Your playing style and tactics will determine exactly which option you select.

Thetan Arena
  • PLATFORM: PC / Android / iOS

Each hero will perform better in a particular role. Skills can be either offensive or defensive in nature. Take a marksman hero if you want to go all out offensive and pick two offensive skills!

For instance, pick a hero with high HP and two defensive talents if you want to be effective at absorbing damage for your team.

It’s time to test your hero in the arena after selecting him or her and their skills. The two game modes you can choose from alternate every 20 milliseconds.

These are all the available game modes:

  • Battle Royale (Solo / Duo) – In Battle Royale the last man or duo standing wins.
  • Tower Siege – In Tower Siege, my favorite, a battery spawns in the middle of the map and your team made up of 5 elements has to get and hold that battery in order to spawn a robot. That robot can then deal damage to the opponent’s tower. The first team to destroy the opponent’s tower or deal the highest amount of damage in 4 minutes wins.
  • Super Star – In Super Star a big star spawns in the middle of the map and your team has to catch it and hold it. By holding the big star, small stars that your team can catch will spawn next to it and after 4 minutes the team with the highest amount of small stars will win.
  • Deathmatch – In deathmatch when you kill an opponent’s hero you get points for your team and when you die the opponent’s team gets points. After 4 minutes the team with the highest amount of points wins.
  • Custom Battle – If you want to create a game and play with your friends only you can create a custom battle and invite them to play together. The host can freely choose any option among available possibilities of game modes, and maps and can decide the number of in-game players.

By investing $THG and $PP, you can level up your heroes to make them stronger. Power Points ($PP) are a game-specific currency that cannot be exchanged.

We would characterize Thetan Arena’s gameplay as quick, enjoyable, and straightforward.

4. The Sandbox

There are thousands of different-sized plots in the Sandbox. Every plot contains the individual work of the plot owner. This might be a game, a social centre, or anything else that can be created in the mind. Voxel-based Sandbox has a Minecraft-like aesthetic. Each experience’s assets are distinct voxel objects that can be imported from outside editors.

the sandbox
  • GENRE: Virtual World / Metaverse
  • PLATFORM: PC / Mac
  • BLOCKCHAIN: Ethereum / Polygon

The Sandbox Game Maker offers developers plenty of opportunities to produce something original because it is based on Unity and has a scripting language that is constantly expanding. What is constructed on a plot of land is entirely under the control of the owner. RPGs, side-scrolling games, business management sims, dance games, and more have all been developed so far! Through the Game Maker, users can join and participate in any public experience. While some allow for player interaction, the majority are single-player experiences.


In 2012, The Sandbox debuted as a mobile game. They already had the blueprint for what we have today even back then. complex, mutable worlds that have been constructed by users. 2018 saw the property’s acquisition by Animoca Brands, who then started working on the web3 version’s blockchain foundation.

Sandbox first offered discounts of up to 40% off the regular price when selling land plots in December 2019. Pre-sales persisted through 2020. Sandbox then started a continuous series of open sales for the remaining acreage in February 2021. Out of a total of 166,464 plots, around 108,000 land NFTs have been sold thus far. The majority of lands also include unique NFTs created in collaboration with one of the sale’s partners. These partners span a wide variety, including Snoop Dogg, Atari, and the Care Bears!

5. Splinterlands

Every card in the auto-battle card game Splinterlands is a unique collectible NFT. Splinterlands, a game built on the Hive blockchain, with daily quests, biweekly seasonal rewards, guilds, a tournament system, and an in-game market with safe card rentals!

Simply by playing, players can earn cards and token awards. Early 2022 is the anticipated release date for land gameplay.

  • GENRE: Trading Card Game / Auto-battler
  • BLOCKCHAIN:  Hive / NFTs on WAX

In Splinterlands, participants engage in single-player combat. Each player chooses a summoner for the game, followed by a selection of creatures that are either neutral or come from the summoner’s element. In other words, both neutral and water creatures are usable by water summoners.

Every battle has a cap on the quantity of mana that can be used, and summoners and monsters also have related mana costs. This might range from 11 up to 99, depending on the situation. Additionally, battles at the higher echelons have one or more additional specific rules. There are numerous rules. For instance, no Monsters with Magic attack can be utilized, all Monsters start the battle poisoned, and only melee attacks are allowed. These regulations offer variety from game to game and require players to plan each combat intelligently.

A combat is automatically won once it starts. But selecting cards that go well together and, ideally, neutralize your opponent is not an easy feat.

Because most monsters only attack the opponent’s card from the front, positioning is important. Only the first slot is available for attacks from cards with melee attacks. Magical creatures can attack from anyplace and can ignore armor, but ranged attacks can only be made while they are NOT in the first position.

6. Skyweaver

One of the first triple-A games to enter the play to take a spot is Skyweaver.

Horizon Blockchain Games, the company behind Skyweaver, raised nearly $3.75 million in funding, including Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian as its driving force. With this game, Horizon has taken its time, beginning development in 2019. A private beta for Skyweaver was first made available in 2021.

Skyweaver released their Open Beta at the end of 2021, giving everyone the ability to play the game by logging in with a Sequence or MetaMask wallet.

  • GENRE: Trading Card Game
  • PLATFORM:  PC / Mac / Mobile
  • BLOCKCHAIN:   Ethereum / Polygon

A well-designed win-to-earn TCG game called Skyweaver is available on the Polygon network, a well-liked layer 2 for Ethereum.

Despite being heavily influenced by Hearthstone’s enormous popularity, Skyweaver manages to dazzle with its original gameplay, novel hero and card powers, and commendable internal economics.

Cards are the most significant NFTs in Skyweaver. For each card:

  • Base: You cannot buy, sell, trade, or exchange these cards. They are playable in all game types but have no intrinsic worth;
  • Silver: items can be bought, sold, or given as gifts to friends. They have a little higher value than Base cards and can be used to skip the admission cost when playing the game’s exclusive combat types;
  • Gold: the game’s “trophy” cards. On the battlefield, gold cards are gleaming and incredibly noticeable. They are only ever minted once and may only be obtained through combat in “Conquest mode.”

In line with the majority of card games, there are various uses for every card in the deck. Each card might be charmed, have effects, or possess a certain quality. Cards can be heroes or spells.

The game’s worth and impact of a card can be completely altered through enchantments and effects, which are exclusive to Skyweaver. They can be used to start a game phase (such as “the start of the round”) or by expending mana, the in-game energy.

You can play the game in either Ranked mode or Conquest mode. A deck of 25 cards is needed for each mode.

7. Riot Racers

On the Polygon blockchain, the racing simulation Riot Racers offers a play-to-earn model. After pairing up Cars and Drivers, players select a racing strategy from six different racing styles. Every race has its own weather, which is frequently unfavorable. anything from rain to firestorms to hurricanes to droughts! These racers witness everything!

Drivers are generative NFTs with a range of physical characteristics. They also have a related component that may have an impact on how well they race in various weather situations.

  • GENRE: Racing Simulation
  • PLATFORM:   Web
  • BLOCKCHAIN: Polygon

To produce new Cars and Drivers, both Drivers and Cars can be bred (but not simultaneously). The children are limited-use objects with stats depending on their parents, which should sustain the value of the original Genesis and Apollo series NFTs and spur continued demand for new assets.

Racing cars gives players RIOT tokens. At the conclusion of each race, prizes are awarded to the top three finishers. The rest all return home empty-handed. Both free and paid races are available on Riot Racers. The prizes for winning paid races are much greater. Each race also has restrictions on the rarity of Cars that it will allow. Prize payouts are higher in races with more stringent rarity conditions.

8. NFT Worlds

A world’s worth of Minecraft seeds are contained in each of the 10,000 different NFTs that make up NFT Worlds. Owners are free to make any changes they want to the worlds and upload them to the NFT’s metadata. They can also make use of a growing collection of tools that have been specially designed to help them interface with the larger NFT Worlds ecosystem and design their own play and earn experiences.

NFT Worlds held its first and only global sale in October 2021. After the transaction, the team moved fast to make their worlds functional. This added possibilities for multiplayer play, editing and saving worlds, world exploration, and the introduction of the WRLD coin. They have continued to create utilities and tools for world owners in addition to running a public play-and-earn SMP server. Every product the team makes public is open source and downloadable from Github. On all NFT Worlds contracts, they also conduct in-depth examinations and hire outside auditors.

NFT Worlds
  • GENRE: Virtual World / Metaverse
  • PLATFORM: PC / Mac / Minecraft Java Edition Compatible
  • BLOCKCHAIN:  Ethereum / Polygon

The play to earn systems available in NFT Worlds are the easiest. Register, play Minecraft, and gain tokens. It really is that simple! For the official NFT Worlds server, at least. Other servers might have different specifications, usually requiring ownership of one of their NFTs. The NFT Worlds team is creating a WRLD faucet system that other world owners can use to quickly distribute tokens to their participants.

NFT Worlds provides NFT holders with additional earning options in addition to the play-to-earn mechanics. Owners of NFT Worlds Worlds have the option to stake their assets for a consistent, passive income in the form of WRLD tokens. Additionally, a collection of original Genesis Avatars was only recently released. A Genesis Avatar owner receives passive income from sales made on the official market (coming soon).

Any additional projects built atop NFT Worlds will have their own set of incentives, which may or may not include WRLD tokens.

The only token available in NFT Worlds is WRLD. Both the Polygon and Ethereum networks support WRLD. Two WLRD token airdrops totaling 10% of the total token supply were given to NFT World holders. The first one happened in December 2021, and the second one happened in February 2022. Only 5% of the remaining tokens are set aside for the team’s use. Staking rewards (85%) and P2E rewards (50%) account for the remaining 15 percent (35 percent )

The value of the WRLD token has significantly declined over the past few months, much like the majority of the rest of the market. However, the lack of utility is mostly to blame. The team intends to develop an in-launcher marketplace where WRLD would serve as the unit of exchange, thus that should soon change. Additionally, they are building a built-in P2E faucet that projects can access by staking WRLD tokens.

9. Mini Royale Nations

The First-Person Shooter genre is the most popular in the world of traditional video games (FPS). Mini Royale Nations appears to be the deserving first-person shooter game that the play-to-earn crowd has been waiting for to hit the blockchain.

Mini Royale Nations is a first-person shooter with gameplay elements found in well-known titles like Fortnite and Counter Strike. Because it is browser-based, the game’s blocky, low-poly graphics use fewer resources and enable play on practically any computer.

Mini Royale Nations is a large game with over two million players and an average of 92,000 battles per day. Although the majority of the gameplay currently consists of one-off shooting matches and the NFTs are primarily cosmetic, the developers have big plans for an entirely new aspect of the game that will include a sophisticated token economy.

Mini Royale Nations
  • GENRE: First-Person Shooter
  • PLATFORM: In-Browser
  • BLOCKCHAIN:   Solana

The game was created by Faraway, a development team founded by Alex Paley and Dennis Zdonov. Leading industry investors including a16z, FTX, and Sequoia support the studio.

Players can enter Mini Royale right away and find a match. Not even an account or linking your wallet are required! A few minutes long matches feature the following game modes:

  • Combat Royale
  • Deathmatch for teams
  • Grab the Flag
  • Find and Discard

The game places a strong focus on clans and alliances, so playing with friends brings out the greatest aspects of the experience.

The game has a Battle Pass advancement system and an XP system that can be used to improve weapons and skins, similar to other free-to-play shooters. The game also has daily, monthly, and seasonal goals that, when met, grant Orbs. Once the token economy of the game is released, orbs will be one of the fundamental units.

Here is a brief overview of the different types of buildings that $CHEDDAR and $ROYALE tokens can be spent on:

  • Administrative buildings allow players to build and upgrade all other buildings.
  • Refineries are used to refine Orbs into Enriched Orbs.
  • Generators upgrade weapons, armor, or other buildings.
  • Mines are similar to loot boxes in other games – they generate random weapon or armor rewards.
  • Storage buildings store the products of other buildings like Refineries and Generators.
  • Defensive buildings such as walls are used to ward off invading Clans.

Playing Mini Royale Nations is totally free. There aren’t many of the game’s NFTs that can only be acquired through in-game purchases because the makers strongly emphasize allowing everything to be earned in-game.

10. Lost Relics

In May 2019, the game Lost Relics—previously known as Forgottern Artifacts—was made available. The game was initially released as a pre-alpha version where users could begin gathering NFTs. One of the first projects on the Enjin blockchain, a network created specifically for gaming, is Lost Relics.

The game’s development has continued over the years, and regular updates are still made to it. Cliff Cawley, the sole developer at CodeBit Labs, is responsible for the project’s development. That’s correct, just one man was able to create the entire game!

Lost Relics
  • GENRE: Action RPG
  • BLOCKCHAIN:  Enjin
  • TOKEN/S: Gold and Shadowstones.

You embark on an expedition in the dungeons of Lost Relics, which contain enemies, traps, and even bosses. Along with gold, a virtual currency, virtual equipment, and if you’re lucky NFTs, these dungeons are also stocked with goodies.

NFTs are useful in the Lost Relics universe. For instance, you can find a weapon to defeat your enemies! However, you won’t be allowed to keep this loot unless you make it out of the dungeon alive.

You will forfeit both the physical goods you brought with you and the loot you collected inside the dungeon if you don’t survive.

11. Axie Infinity

The most significant game created on a blockchain in 2021 was Axie Infinity. Axies were fetching hundreds of dollars each when the market was generating millions in daily transactions.

The main objective of the game is to explore the World of Lunacia using the adorable creatures, known as Axies, that may be bred and collected.

Axie Infinity
  • GENRE: Creature Battler
  • PLATFORM: PC / Mac / Mobile
  • BLOCKCHAIN: Ronin / Ethereum

You can engage with people in the World of Lunacia by using Axies, which are little creatures. The primary gameplay mode at the moment is a card-based battler.

Each Axie comes with different characteristics

  • A class (beast, aquatic, plant, bug, bird, reptile, mech, dawn, dusk)
  • Battle Stats (health, speed, skill, morale)
  • Six Body parts
  • Four abilities
  • A rarity attribute (eg. mystic, japanese)
  • A purity level (from 0 to 6 and from 0 to 100%)
  • Breed Count (from 0 to 7)

The very minimum required to play the game is one team, and each battle is a 3v3 match. Three axes equal twelve skills in total, four for each.

PvE (adventure mode) or PvP combat modes are both possible (arena mode). PvP is a turn-based battler, whereas PvE is a multi-phase linear battle system.

While in PvP you focus on buying the greatest Axies to defeat your opponents and collect in-game SLP tokens, in Adventure mode you fight a series of enemies and occasionally a boss.

Although you receive rewards and benefits from both gameplay types, PvP is currently the most significant and demands your attention.

 12. Gods Unchained

The initial card set for Gods Unchained, Genesis, was released shortly after the game’s development started in the summer of 2018, and a 1-of-1 Mythic card, Hyperion, was auctioned off for 146 ETH (about $61,000 USD at the time). Open beta began in the summer of 2019 before the closed beta opened later that year.

Gods Unchained changed the name of their parent firm to Immutable in 2019 and started working on ImmutableX, an Ethereum layer 2 solution that focuses on NFTs. The cost of buying and selling cards had become exorbitant due to high gas prices. A trading card game’s ability to purchase, sell, and trade cards is also crucial. In 2021, ImmutableX established its market, and it now acts as a gas-free trading hub for Gods Unchained cards as well as a number of other NFT initiatives.

God's Unchained
  • GENRE: Trading Card Game
  • PLATFORM: PC / Mac
  • BLOCKCHAIN: Immutable X / Ethereum

Each player deals a hand of cards in turn. These playing cards entail calling forth creatures, using spells, and putting on relics. Unless they possess the Blitz or Godblitz ability, summoned creatures and artifacts are defenseless during the turn they are activated. There is a mana cost for each card. At the start of their turn, players unlock an additional mana lock. Up to five mana pips only require one unlock. The following ones require two or three. Certain cards can open more mana locks or even close ones that have previously been opened.

Unless an enemy creature with the Frontline ability is in the way, creatures can assault one another or the gods. Additional card features include Armor, Leech Life, Ward, and Hidden. If a card is not Obliterated, it is fully eliminated from the game. Otherwise, dead creatures and used cards fall into each player’s Void. Some cards, especially those associated with the Death deity, have the ability to interact with the Void and revive dead cards.

Each player’s turn has a time limit for their activities. The ball is passed to the opposite player if the timer expires. Players who do not finish their turn before the timer expires lose time on their subsequent turns. A player starts to take damage every time they should draw a card if they run out of cards to draw. One by one, their mana locks likewise start to close again. The game goes on until one deity is reduced to one health.

Wrapping It Up

Playing games where you can earn cryptocurrency is undeniably the newest gaming craze. And much better if you could earn a respectable sum while having fun.

However, due to the volatility of cryptocurrencies, you should exercise caution when playing games that require initial expenditures.

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