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What is Field Agent?

Field Agent is an app that allows you to earn money by performing random local tasks such as photographing products (to ensure they are properly displayed) and participating in mystery shopping missions to evaluate store customer service. In that sense, it’s similar to mystery shopping (which can be a legit side hustle).

How Field Agent Works

Field Agent connects brands and businesses that want feedback with Agents (like you!) to collect that feedback.

What that looks like in real life is getting paid to:

  • Check inventory levels
  • Verify store displays and product placement
  • Test employee knowledge by asking a few questions
  • Provide feedback on packaging and marketing
  • Try new products


How Much Can You Make with Field Agent?

The majority of Field Agent gigs pay between $3 and $10, depending on the complexity and estimated completion time. On an hourly basis, that could be $10-25 per hour — not including your commute time.

Field Agenting would be difficult to turn into a full-time income stream, but the app is a fun and interesting way to make extra money.


Types of Field Agent Jobs

The Field Agent app has a variety of job opportunities available. These are some examples:

  • Buy and Try – Get paid to test out new products and share your opinion. Field Agent will reimburse your purchase.
  • Buy, Try, and Share – the same as above but with the added requirement of posting about the product on social media.
  • Audits – Check the status of a product display, availability, or section of shelving.
  • Mystery Shop – You may be given sample scripts or questions to ask employees. (And you must not divulge your secret agent status!)
  • Ticket Jobs – These are unpaid gigs, but don’t require any travel and enter you into a monthly prize drawing.


How Does Field Agent Pay You?

You can cash out your Field Agent earnings directly to your bank account.

After I input my account information in the app — complete with security codes and even a small test deposit to verify — it took a couple days to for the money to hit my account.

At press time, it does not appear that PayPal is an option.


Other Ways to Make Money with Field Agent

There are a couple of other ways to earn money within the Field Agent app.

1. Ticket Jobs

When you open the Field Agent app’s “Find Jobs” section, you’ll notice a heading for “Ticket Jobs.”

Although these are unpaid jobs, completing them qualifies you for Field Agent’s monthly cash prize drawing. According to the app, the more of these you complete, the higher your payout if you win.

This is how it works:

  • 1 Ticket = entry to the drawing and $100 prize if you win
  • 2-3 Tickets = $200
  • 4-5 Tickets = $300
  • 6+ Tickets = $500

2. Refer Friends

Field Agent includes a referral program through which you can earn money by recruiting new “agents.”

When your friends join using your unique referral link, you’ll earn 10% of each approved job they complete, up to a maximum of $10 per invite. You can see how this could add up if you have a large network.

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