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What is Foap?

Foap is a mobile app that lets you earn money by selling photos taken with your phone. What’s nice is that a single photo can sell multiple times, allowing you to generate passive income.

The best way to earn money is through “missions,” in which Foap collaborates with a specific brand to demonstrate how regular people like you use their product.


Overview of the Foap App

Foap is a photo-selling application.

Photographers upload images using a smartphone app for Android or IOS. Customers purchase images for marketing or personal use (e.g., blogging).

Setting up a mission allows businesses to request specific types of photos. Briefs or assignments are what missions are. The mission is won by one or more photographers. There is a lot of useful information on the site about what customers look for in an image.

The Foap app’s pricing is straightforward. Customers pay $10 for a license and an image. The creator receives half of the proceeds ($5 per image). This is a good deal in the industry.

Other stock photography websites have a complicated pricing structure that varies depending on image resolution and license type. For example, iStock pays between 15% and 45% commission on each image sold. Dreamstime’s commission is comparable at 50% to 60%, but pictures may sell for as little as $1.

Check the licensing agreement carefully when using any photo selling platform. On Foap, the buyer can do almost anything with the photos. Foap has the following to say about licensing:

“Commercial license photos can be used for commercial purposes.” This means that businesses can use these photos to market their products and/or reproduce them for sale, such as on t-shirts, cups, and so on.”

For $10, this appears to be a good deal. For $10, your image could be mass-produced or used in a TV marketing campaign. This is unlikely to occur (there is a lot of competition out there). But if it did, you’d already agreed on a price. Be mindful of what you’re agreeing to.


Key Features of Foap

Here are some key features for users looking to sell their photos on Foap.

Foap Missions

Missions are central to selling images on Foap. They can be thematic at times. Other times, they highlight a specific product.

There were about 20 active missions when I reviewed Foap. Users compete to complete the mission and win prizes. Some missions are completely free to participate in. Others require coin payment. Coins are tokens that you can buy or earn by watching advertisements. This concept is similar to photo competition websites such as Gurushots. However, traditional stock image platforms do not gamify assignments.

A thousand coins costs approximately $20. Entering premium missions costs around 50 coins. This equates to about $1 per competition. It’s worthwhile if you win a prize, but there are only a few of those available. Mission awards range from $3 to $150 for winners. The total rewards are listed, but they are usually divided among several prizes.

Foap Market Place

Foap has its own website. However, the website caters to image buyers rather than photographers. I used the site to look for images. Even my most obscure tag received nearly 20,000 hits. And my photo was deep underground. It’s not clear how Foap sorts the images or how I can move my images to the top. My photos are unlikely to be found by a buyer where they are.


How much money can you make?

The amount of money you can earn from Foap is primarily determined by how frequently you sell photos and are chosen as the winner of missions. I won’t lie, the missions’ rewards are pretty substantial (usually around $100 or more).

However, based on the number of photos sold, I would estimate that the earnings are quite low. In my opinion, a 50/50 split is quite a high fee. The main disadvantage of Foap is that there is no guarantee that you will earn money from it on a consistent basis. As a result, you can’t really rely on it as a consistent source of extra cash.

And you may end up putting in a lot of effort for certain missions without winning, wasting your time. And there is a good chance that this will happen on a regular basis because many of the missions will only have one winner.

However, if you manage to win even a couple of missions, you stand to earn a sizable sum. That is why I believe Foap’s earning potential is limited because you cannot expect to profit from it on a consistent basis.

However, if you are creative and enjoy doing the tasks that Foap assigns you, it can be enjoyable, and if you win some of the missions, it can provide some nice extra cash.


Withdrawing Money from Foap

Foap does not pay you automatically. It is up to you to either “cash out” (Android) or “withdraw money” (IOS). You then enter your PayPal information. You must use PayPal to use Foap. PayPal fees apply as well.

You must request payment on Foap by the middle of the month. By the end of the month, the funds will be transferred to your PayPal account. If you miss the deadline for requesting funds, you will have to wait until the following month. In the world of online banking, this procedure appears to be time-consuming.

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