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Top 25 Affiliate Marketing Websites:Examples of Outstanding Marketing Initiatives In 2023

affiliate marketing websites

Affiliate marketing, a $12 billion industry, has grown to be one of the most profitable methods to make money online and generate passive income.

However, because of its extreme popularity, there is more rivalry. An appealing website is a need if you want to start affiliate marketing.

The top affiliate marketing website examples are covered in this article for your inspiration. You will discover their monetization methods, success factors, and traffic numbers.

What Exactly Is an Affiliate Website?

A platform for promoting goods or services in exchange for commissions from sales is an affiliate website.

The affiliate program determines the compensation amount. Others pay a fixed rate, while some use a percentage of the sale.

In addition to purchases, affiliate marketers might be compensated for driving new traffic and persuading users to take particular actions. These procedures can involve opening an account, enrolling in a newsletter, or downloading an application.

Merchants utilize an affiliate link with specific details about the referral site to track each conversion and verify the traffic source.

The most well-known kind of affiliate marketing websites are those that feature product reviews and comparisons. Independent blogs, online periodicals, and coupon websites are examples of other forms.

A website for affiliate marketing operates in a similar way regardless of its format:

  • An online store or an affiliate marketing network is how a website owner signs up for an affiliate program.
  • Using links to the advertiser, the owner advertises the affiliate products.
  • The website owner will be paid when a visitor clicks on an affiliate link and performs the requested action.

Top 25 Affiliate Marketing Website Examples

Let’s look at some instances now that you are familiar with what an affiliate website is. Based on our study, we’ve identified the top 25 affiliate websites, taking the following factors into account:

  • Niche. In order for you to learn from different industries, we explored a variety of affiliate marketing niches.
  • Domain Score. An authoritative and relevant website is one with a high domain rating. Only affiliate websites with an Ahrefs rating of 70 or higher were included.
  • Organic Traffic. Traffic reveals how well the website performs in comparison to its rivals. We estimated each site’s monthly visits using data from Ahrefs, and then we ranked the sites according to that metric.

Let’s dive deeper into the list.

1. Globo Surf

Globosurf Affiliate websites

For lovers of hiking and water sports, Globo Surf is the place to go. This affiliate marketing website offers recommendations to assist users in honing their skills and choosing the right equipment for scuba diving, snorkeling, skiing, camping, and rock climbing.

The site’s content is focused on “best of” articles that include a summary of the product, its specifications, features, and a prominent CTA button that directs viewers to Amazon, where they can make their purchase.

The site’s approach includes internal linking in its entirety. Links between related articles form a content silo that helps an article’s domain authority. This technique enhances user engagement and experience, which could raise the site’s search engine position.

For instance, there are links to reviews of scuba masks, freediving masks, and other snorkeling equipment in the blog post titled “Best Full Face Snorkel Masks in 2023.”

Monetization Strategy

A participant in the Amazon affiliate marketing program is Globo Surf. By advertising and linking to the huge eCommerce company, it earns commissions. The website also makes money through product endorsements in addition to affiliate commissions.

Globo Surf Stats:

  • Niche: Outdoor sports
  • Domain rating: 70
  • Monthly visits: 4,500+

2. GearHungry

gearhungry affiliate websites

According to their demands and finances, online buyers can utilize GearHungry as a review site to get the greatest home goods. They consist of electronic toothbrushes, cordless lawn mowers, cleaning supplies, and smart doorbells.

To save users time, our affiliate marketing company invests a lot of work in finding and selecting the best items for everyday usage.

GearHungry is distinct from similar websites since it is dedicated to putting the user experience first. The text is simple to read because there is a ton of white space and few banner adverts.

Additionally, readers may easily find the homepage’s six categories of product reviews and recommendations.

Monetization Strategy

GearHungry receives payments from affiliate programs like Rakuten, AvantLink, CJ, Kickbooster, and ShareASale in addition to being a participant in the Amazon Associates Program.

Advertising revenue is a separate source of income, however it is comparatively insignificant in comparison to affiliate earnings. This is in part because the website is dedicated to displaying fewer advertisements for a better reading experience.

GearHungry Stats:

  • Niche: Consumer goods
  • Domain rating: 70
  • Monthly visits: 23,000+

3. Ryan Robinson

ryan robinson homepage

Ryan Robinson is a wonderful example of personal branding since he uses his own name as the website address. Ryan established this website to instruct folks on how to develop lucrative blogs after developing a successful online business.

Ryan established himself as a blogging authority in a number of ways. First, he put content marketing strategies into practice by studying his audience, producing content that appealed to them, and cultivating a following of devoted readers.

He then wrote for prestigious magazines like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider to promote the website. Ryan was able to contact more people because to the publicity, which increased his stature.

In addition to his website, Ryan also presents a podcast where company owners and bloggers discuss their experiences and tried-and-true methods for growing their companies. Over 400,000 people actively listen to the podcast, increasing site traffic.

Monetization Strategy

According to Ryan’s most recent income report, he made about $35,000 each month, with revenues from his online classes accounting for half of his earnings.

The remaining half came from affiliate income, which Ryan generated by marketing business books, web hosting companies, website builders, and courses for setting up websites.

Ryan Robinson Stats:

  • Niche: Blogging
  • Domain rating: 78
  • Monthly visits: 123,000+

4. Abby Organizes 

abby organizes homepage

Another illustration of how to transform personal difficulties into business possibilities is Abby Organizes. Abby Lawson started this site to share advice on DIY organization and decorating projects after becoming frustrated with the ongoing disarray in her home.

The materials are based on Abby’s experience, therefore the readers won’t discover articles like them anywhere, which increases their authority. In addition to providing tips, Abby opens up about her experiences on her website, connecting readers on a personal level.

The affiliate website still receives the majority of its traffic from search engines, but it also receives traffic from Pinterest. For websites with lots of graphics, creating marketing campaigns on Pinterest is fantastic.

Monetization Strategy

According to her most recent report, Abby mostly earned money through affiliate marketing, specifically the Amazon affiliate program. Other sources of income included the sale of courses, eBook downloads, and sponsored postings.

Abby Organizes Stats:

  • Niche: DIY home decor
  • Domain rating: 71
  • Monthly visits: 124,000+

5. WebsiteSetup

website setup homepage

How to make a website is one of the most sought keywords on search engines, despite its high level of competition. Any affiliate website, including WebsiteSetup, will receive a ton of organic traffic if it ranks on the top page of Google for this term.

For prospective bloggers and online business entrepreneurs, the website offers a straightforward tutorial on building websites. The success of the website may be greatly influenced by its basic approach.

The affiliate website provides a direct response to the question on the homepage and walks readers through the creation of a website in three steps. Although the course is free, it contains connections to the website’s affiliate partners, which act as the site’s main source of income.

On WebsiteSetup, you can also find blog pieces, how-to guides, and product reviews and comparisons.

Monetization Strategy

Because it neither displays banner advertisements nor accepts sponsored posts, WebsiteSetup is a wholly affiliate website. The website receives revenue from a number of web hosting schemes, such as Hostinger Affiliate, which pays 60% on each qualifying sale.

WebsiteSetup Stats:

  • Niche: Website creation
  • Domain rating: 83
  • Monthly visits: 221,000+

6. Adam Enfroy

adam enfroy homepage

Adam Enfroy started this website as a blog for software reviews and later turned it into a very successful affiliate business. The website evaluates the top business and marketing tools, discussing their capabilities, costs, usability, and customer service.

The length of the content on this website makes it special. For instance, the essay on “How to Start a Blog” has nearly 16,000 words. Adam can use multiple keywords in one blog post by using long-form content, which is advantageous for his SEO approach.

The authenticity of this website is another important learning point. Adam discusses his experience and how he created a successful blog from scratch. Readers can identify with the emotional element added by this engaging story.

Monetization Strategy

The revenue report for June 2021 shows that Adam made over $280,000 through a variety of sources, including affiliate commissions and sales of online courses.

Adam achieved success by blogging for many years, publishing guest posts, and establishing backlinks to his website. When he had enough backlinks to appear on Google’s first page, he began making money off the site by including affiliate links in the content.

Since then, the website has established the Blog Growth Engine masterclass and promoted more than 200 software-as-a-service (SaaS) firms. The paid course is a fantastic approach to assist other bloggers in generating income and broaden the site’s revenue sources.

Adam Enfroy Stats:

  • Niche: Software and blog
  • Domain rating: 79
  • Monthly visits: 268,000+

7. homepage

One of the top affiliate marketing websites in the ketogenic sector is called A popular low-carb diet called keto can aid in weight loss and improve overall health.

The website seeks to show that it’s feasible to prepare delicious yet healthy meals, making the switch to the keto diet enjoyable. Through its straightforward interface, it also aims to facilitate user interaction while letting readers concentrate on the text.

For fans of the keto diet, offers all the information they need, including diet advice, recipes, and fitness suggestions. The website also has a calculator that users may use to estimate their daily protein and carbohydrate intake based on their weight goals.

Monetization Strategy

Participating in the Amazon affiliate program is the website The site can earn money by linking to the eCommerce behemoth from every article in the Recommended section.

The Keto Academy membership is another important source of income. The app offers tailored meal planning and professional advice to help keto dieters achieve the greatest outcomes starting at $3.11/week.

The Success part of the website will feature users who were successful in losing weight using the keto app. Such social proof enhances the reputation of and encourages additional readers to convert. Stats:

  • Niche: Keto diet
  • Domain rating: 73
  • Monthly visits: 350,000+

8. The Penny Hoarder


One of the media companies with the fastest expansion is The Penny Hoarder, whose mission is to aid people in making wise financial decisions. By providing visitors with useful advice on how to earn, save, and manage money, this website draws readers.

The Penny Hoarder offers customers through its academy free access to cutting-edge tools and information that may be used to obtain employment, prepare for a mortgage, establish a strong credit score, and more.

Additionally, this affiliate publisher develops a forum where users may post queries, discuss ideas, and connect with others. The forum helps The Penny Hoarder develop a devoted following and turn into the go-to resource for personal finance.

Monetization Strategy

Affiliate marketing is the main source of revenue for The Penny Hoarder. Every time a customer downloads an app, subscribes to a newsletter, or registers for a service, the business promotes brands and earns commissions.

For instance, The Penny Hoarder will get paid by Uber when someone reads its “Getting a Side-Job as an Uber Driver” post, installs the app, and registers. Authenticated material and social media advertising are other revenue producers.

The Penny Hoarder Stats:

  • Niche: Finance
  • Domain rating: 78
  • Monthly visits: 675,000+

9. HomeGrounds

homegrounds homepage

A huge change in consumer behavior has resulted from the pandemic, with almost 70% of Americans now choosing to brew their own coffee at home. HomeGrounds and other DIY coffee brewing websites primarily profit from this shift.

The goal of HomeGrounds is to assist consumers in brewing delicious coffee at home by assessing the top beans and brewing equipment. Additionally, it provides creative coffee recipes and how-to tips.

Motivated by passion, the HomeGrounds staff undertakes in-depth research to inform readers about the background of each bean and the essential characteristics of each piece of equipment. A great method to establish yourself as a subject-matter authority is through informative material.

Monetization Strategy

HomeGrounds establishes affiliate connections with vendors like ShareASale and Amazon, receiving a percentage for each sale of equipment or coffee beans. By using sponsored content and compensated mentions from sponsors, the website also receives advertising revenue.

HomeGrounds Stats:

  • Niche: Coffee
  • Domain rating: 71
  • Monthly visits: 731,000+

10. HelloGiggles

hellogiggles homepage

The mission of HelloGiggles is to create a welcoming community for female readers. It includes the most recent developments in relationships, fashion, profession, and entertainment.

HelloGiggles advertises itself as an online magazine even though it is an affiliate website. Readers can get informative and interesting stuff, including news about celebrities and lifestyle advice.

Visitors can quickly search for specific terms and information based on several categories by using a straightforward interface.

HelloGiggles uses content marketing best practices to drive millions of organic visitors. The marketing department studies market trends and writes content based on them. Visitors are thus assured of current and fresh content, boosting their likelihood of becoming devoted readers.

HelloGiggles also attracts viewers through a variety of social media sites, while organic traffic is still the site’s primary source of visitors. Thousands of people follow the magazine brand on social media sites including Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Monetization Strategy

Referral fees are the major source of income for HelloGiggles. However, HelloGiggles chooses to establish long-term partnerships with companies like Ulta Beauty, Madewell, and Victoria’s Secret over signing up for one of the greatest affiliate marketing programs like Amazon Associates. Additionally, it makes money from subscriptions to magazines and advertising.

HelloGiggles Stats:

  • Niche: Women’s lifestyle
  • Domain rating: 80
  • Monthly visits: 972,500+

11. Dog Food Advisor

dogfoodadvisor homepage

The success of Dog Food Advisor demonstrates the benefit of starting your digital affiliate marketing website by concentrating on a certain specialty. It enables you to draw individuals who share your interests and create a community around them.

Dog Food Advisor provides thorough, in-depth reviews to assist pet owners in selecting safe, nutritious food for their animals.

This affiliate site does a terrific job of making it easy to navigate even though it reviews thousands of different products. Users will notice the three main areas on the homepage right away: The Best Dog Foods, A-Z brand reviews, and Dog Food Recalls.

Each page discusses the components and nutritional facts of the food, offering readers useful information to aid in selecting the best brand.

Monetization Strategy

Dog Food Advisor receives referral fees from various affiliate marketing programs, such as Chewy Affiliates and Amazon Associates. It also has partnership deals with several pet food brands.

Dog Food Advisor receives commissions from a number of affiliate marketing platforms, including Amazon Associates and Chewy Affiliates. Additionally, it has partnerships with various pet food manufacturers.

However, this website promises to maintain its suggestions as impartial and fair by not showing any adverts or endorsements of any type.

Dog Food Advisor Stats:

  • Niche: Dog food
  • Domain rating: 76
  • Monthly visits: 1.1+ million

12. SafeWise

safewise homepage

Take lessons from SafeWise to build a basic affiliate marketing website. This home security website’s user interface is straightforward, emphasizing its product suggestions.

Users can select from one of the home security categories on the homepage. To assist customers in safeguarding their homes and loved ones, each section includes safety instructions, product reviews, and brand comparisons.

SafeWise stands out for its dedication to doing in-depth research and promoting safer communities. It gives users information about crime and safety patterns across the country, letting them know whether their neighborhood is secure and which security products are the best investments.

Monetization Strategy

Affiliate services like OfferVault and Amazon give SafeWise commissions. Additionally, it collaborates with numerous security companies like Frontpoint and Vivint. Vivint’s partnership is especially lucrative because the company receives a payment of about $500 for each closed sale.

In addition, SafeWise reaches consumers who prefer videos by using other platforms like YouTube and TikTok. An affiliate partner link is present in each video.

SafeWise Stats:

  • Niche: Home security
  • Domain rating: 78
  • Monthly visits: 1.2+ million

13. ThisIsWhyImBroke

thisiswhyimbroke homepage

Make advantage of this website as a resource if you want to build a distinctive affiliate marketing website. ThisIsWhyImBroke showcases unique and frequently strange things rather than advertising everyday items.

The targeting of these products has two key advantages. First, compared to other niches, the market is less competitive. Second, distinctive products have a higher probability of evoking people’s sense of humor, which raises the likelihood of social media shares.

The website’s content is focused on coming up with unique gift suggestions depending on various events, categories, and recipients. A list of items, together with brief descriptions, costs, and CTA buttons, are included in each article.

Monetization Strategy

The main affiliate programs for websites that ThisIsWhyImBroke participates in are the Amazon Associates Program and Etsy Affiliates. However, the publisher has made it clear that it will list only the top products, regardless of their potential for profit.

ThisIsWhyImBroke Stats:

  • Niche: Unique gifts
  • Domain rating: 70
  • Monthly visits: 1.3+ million

14. vpnMentor 

vpnmentor homepage

When it comes to promoting VPNs, there aren’t many affiliate websites that can compete with vpnMentor. To assist customers in protecting their data privacy, it offers expert VPN reviews and guides.

By prominently featuring its featured post on the homepage, “10 Best VPNs in 2022,” the website uses a solid content approach. The resource offers information on each top VPN as well as clickable links to the suggested providers.

Users can review the top VPNs without reading the entire post because a sneak preview of the list is mentioned at the beginning. In order to stay up to date, the affiliate site frequently updates this key section.

Another crucial aspect of vpnMentor’s success is link building. By developing free yet sophisticated applications like VPN speed test comparison, IP address leak tester, safe password generator, and Google location switcher, it draws backlinks.

Monetization Strategy

This site generates revenue solely through affiliate marketing while maintaining a clean design free of banner ads to improve readability.

Each product review and recommendation includes a link to one of vpnMentor’s affiliate partners, which drives revenue to the site for each subscribed user. It also provides VPN deals and coupons to entice first-time users to convert.

vpnMentor Stats:

  • Niche: VPN
  • Domain rating: 78
  • Monthly visits: 1.4+ million

15. PCPartPicker

pcpartpicker homepage

Another example of what a powerful online tool can do is PCPartPicker. The website provides the resources required to build a PC from the ground up.

Users can use the PC Builder tool to compare and select computer parts based on their budget and use case. The CPU, cooler, motherboard, memory, storage, monitor, operating system, and peripherals are examples of computer parts.

Users will receive an estimated cost and compatibility report after selecting the parts. When there is an incompatibility problem, a warning will appear.

Users can also share their finished PC builds in order to inspire others. Each build includes a comment section where visitors can ask questions or share their thoughts, fostering a more interactive community.

Monetization Strategy

PCPartPicker, unlike the other affiliate websites on this list, only makes money through affiliate programs. Each product review includes customer ratings and comments, which provide social proof to potential buyers.

PCPartPicker Stats:

  • Niche: Computer parts
  • Domain rating: 75
  • Monthly visits: 1.8+ million

16. Trusted Reviews


Trusted Reviews is one of the most established affiliate sites in the technology niche. Its mission is to provide unbiased and independent advice on what tech products to buy, such as smartphones, tablets, televisions, laptop computers, and cameras.

This mission is accomplished through the site’s extensive content library, which includes product reviews, brand comparisons, tech news, and how-to guides.

One of its most notable features is the audio player, which allows users to listen to the article rather than read it. This approach enables Trusted Reviews to cater to various reader preferences, resulting in a memorable user experience.

Monetization Strategy

Each review on this site is comprehensive, providing readers with important specifications, features, and reasons to buy. A banner at the end of the review compares prices from various eCommerce stores.

A reader can select the cheapest price, then click the call to action (CTA) button to complete the transaction. Trusted Reviews will receive a commission once the purchase is completed.

Trusted Reviews generates revenue from display advertising, sponsored content, and brand collaboration in addition to affiliate income. For example, the partnership with Upfeat allows the site to offer discount codes and earn commissions on each discounted sale.

Trusted Reviews Stats:

  • Niche: Technology
  • Domain rating: 82
  • Monthly visits: 2.1+ million

17. Fatherly

fatherly homepage

This online magazine caters to a unique niche of millennial fathers, offering advice on parenting, work, health, appearance, and life.

The site does not appear to be your typical affiliate site. In the top right corner, the navigation panel is hidden beneath the Menu bar. When you click it, you’ll be taken to the six main categories: Life, Health and Science, Play, Gear, Style, and Trending.

The homepage features sponsored posts, featured articles, and Fatherly Favorites, a catalog of affiliate products.

Scroll down to find an endless list of articles that provide readers with a plethora of options. This strategy may increase the chances of users clicking on one of the resources.

Monetization Strategy

Under the Gear section, Fatherly generates affiliate income from product reviews and comparisons, with the majority of the products containing Amazon affiliate links. Display advertising is used to monetize any other content, such as news and tutorials.

Fatherly Stats:

  • Niche: Parenting for men
  • Domain rating: 80
  • Monthly visits: 2.2+ million

18. Minimalist Baker

minimalist baker homepage

The original goal of Minimalist Baker was to share plant-based recipes for a healthy diet. As the team expands, the site will cater to a larger audience by featuring meat-based dishes, desserts, and baked goods.

Minimalist Baker stands out from other food blogs due to its simple yet delicious recipes. These recipes require only one bowl, up to ten ingredients, and no more than 30 minutes to prepare.

To facilitate easy content access, this affiliate marketing website includes a search bar with multiple filtering options. Visitors will be able to find the most recent recipes, product reviews, and cooking guides based on specific seasons, diet preferences, and ingredients.

Minimalis Baker’s traffic comes from email newsletters and social media networks, in addition to organic search results. It has more than 2 million Instagram followers, 147,000 YouTube subscribers, and nearly 500,000 Facebook fans.

Monetization Strategy

Minimalist Baker employs a variety of monetization strategies. First, the site generates revenue by displaying advertisements within the recipe content. It also sells a digital cookbook with 101 vegan and gluten-free recipes.

However, the Amazon affiliate marketing program accounts for a sizable portion of Minimalist Baker’s revenue. Through its online store, the site promotes kitchen essentials, pantry items, and photography equipment, earning a referral fee for each purchase.

Minimalist Baker Stats:

  • Niche: Quick-prep food recipe
  • Domain rating: 82
  • Monthly visits: 2.5 million+

19. The Points Guy

the points guy homepage

Because targeting a broad product range may not be appropriate for beginners, you can emulate The Points Guy model by identifying and developing solutions to a specific problem. In this case, the affiliate website’s goal is to assist readers in accumulating points and miles in order to reduce travel expenses.

The Points Guy provides readers with advice, advanced tools, and guides on maximizing airline and credit card rewards. The travel blog has grown into a large media website with millions of monthly visitors and social media followers as a result of this approach.

To increase its authority, The Points Guy hosts a weekly podcast in which influencers and industry experts share travel hacks and tips.

Monetization Strategy

The Points Guy is compensated through affiliate programs for travel and credit cards. It reaches out to readers who are already interested in traveling and converts them with sponsored content.

The website also encourages users to sign up for its newsletter to stay up to date on the latest tourism trends. The email list allows The Points Guy to connect with potential leads and promote its affiliate links more effectively.

In addition, in order to reach more customers, the publisher intends to create a travel community through various events and meetups.

The Points Guy Stats:

  • Niche: Travel
  • Domain rating: 81
  • Monthly visits: 2.8+ million

20. Gear Patrol

gearpatrol homepage

Gear Patrol is an online magazine that reviews men’s products such as watches, shoes, bikes, and automobiles. The site does not look like your typical affiliate marketing website, which sets it apart from the competition.

The typical product categories, for example, are hidden beneath the hamburger icon, while the navigation bar only includes essential sections. Readers will be less overwhelmed by the options, making navigation easier.

The Today’s Best Deal section is useful for locating the best deals of the day. Each article includes a brief description, a product image, a price, and a link to the brand’s homepage.

Monetization Strategy

The site earns money by including affiliate links to retailer websites, which earn commission when a purchase is made. Other revenue streams for Gear Patrol include sponsored content, physical magazine subscriptions, and display advertising.

Furthermore, the site owns Gear Patrol Studio, which elevates brand stories through videos and photos.

Gear Patrol Stats:

  • Niche: Men’s products
  • Domain rating: 80
  • Monthly visits: 3.5+ million

21. Wirecutter

wirecutter Affiliate websites

The New York Times’ shopping recommendation website is Wirecutter. In 2016, the newspaper company paid an estimated $30 million for Wirecutter, which helped it become one of the most trusted review sites in the United States.

The affiliate website builds trust by putting the customer first. The journalists at Wirecutter work independently to provide honest and unbiased reviews regardless of financial incentives.

The site’s goal is to help users compare and find the best consumer products by providing well-researched content. These items include electronics, home appliances, car accessories, fitness equipment, and kitchenware.

Its well-implemented information architecture allows users to quickly find various product categories and featured articles.

The homepage also includes a Daily Deals section with the best-priced products of the day. This section saves visitors’ time and has a significant impact on their purchasing decisions.

Monetization Strategy

Before The New York Times bought Wirecutter, affiliate commissions were the main source of revenue. Each review includes a link to the eCommerce store or brand that owns the product.

Paywall subscriptions now generate revenue for the company. The paid subscription unlocks unlimited access to Wirecutter’s news and coverage for $5/month or $40/year.

Wirecutter Stats:

  • Niche: Consumer products
  • Domain rating: 94
  • Monthly visits: 4+ million

22. Skyscanner

skyscanner affiliate websites

Skyscanner has grown from a small flight comparison site to a global travel industry leader in less than two decades. It is available in over 30 languages and is aimed at non-English speaking markets.

The success of Skyscanner can be attributed to its powerful metasearch engine. This website searches the internet for prices from various travel companies. Then, it presents users with the most affordable options, thereby expediting the purchasing process.

With a search engine to compare flights, hotels, and car rentals, the homepage immediately responds to the user’s intent. Scroll down for travel hacks and deals based on popular destinations.

Monetization Strategy

Skyscanner’s revenue comes primarily from its affiliate partners, which include airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and travel agencies. When a user clicks on a search listing, visits a partner’s site, or makes a booking, the company earns a commission.

Skyscanner, interestingly, has its own affiliate program. With this strategy, the site gains more conversions without spending any money on advertising. This is due to the fact that Skyscanner only pays commissions when the associates bring in sales.

Skyscanner Stats:

  • Niche: Travel
  • Domain rating: 80
  • Monthly visits: 4+ million

23. Business News Daily

business news daily affiliate websites

One of the best examples of an effective business website is Business News Daily. The white background, blue categories, and black titles and text are the only colors used in the simple interface.

The color scheme allows users to concentrate on the content, which is about business plans, company growth, and employee development. It also includes success stories from successful entrepreneurs to help new business owners avoid common blunders and grow their businesses faster.

These valuable resources have contributed to Business News Daily’s position as one of the most authoritative sites in the business niche. It is ranked second for the “how to grow a business” keyword.

Monetization Strategy

Affiliate marketing is used to fund the operation of Business News Daily. The website works with B2B businesses in a variety of industries, connecting them with potential customers and earning a commission on each transaction. Sponsored articles, branded ads, and lead generation are all part of the partnership program.

Business News Daily Stats:

  • Niche: Business and marketing
  • Domain rating: 87
  • Monthly visits: 4.3+ million

24. Verywell Fit

verywellfit affiliate websites

Verywell Fit is one of the best health affiliate marketing websites. Its mission is to assist people in reaching their fitness and nutrition objectives.

Readers can expect high-quality content written by industry experts such as registered dietitians, personal trainers, and doctors. They offer useful guides, facts, and the most recent fitness and nutrition trends.

The affiliate marketing website also provides readers with all of the resources they need to learn about their meal nutrition, body mass index (BMI), body fat, and calories.

Creating free tools is an excellent way to gain backlinks and improve search engine rankings. In the case of Verywell Fit, the site ranks first on Google for the “nutrition calculator” keyword.

Monetization Strategy

Verywell Fit generates affiliate revenue by reviewing thousands of fitness and nutrition products in its What to Buy section. Each article contains affiliate links to Zappos, Walmart, or Amazon.

Verywell Fit Stats:

  • Niche: Health and fitness
  • Domain rating: 85
  • Monthly visits: 9+ million

25. NerdWallet 

nerdwallet affiliate websites

With a yearly revenue of $379.6 million, NerdWallet was one of the highest-earning affiliate marketing websites in 2021. Its mission is to provide users with all of the tools, information, and insight they need to make sound financial decisions.

One of the most important factors in NerdWallet’s success is its simple yet effective design. Users can easily compare financial products such as credit cards, student loans, mortgages, insurance, and savings accounts on the homepage.

Visitors can quickly access its primary resources – product reviews, expert guides, and calculators – via the top navigation bar. An on-site search engine is also available to help with navigation.

Another important feature of this website is its financial tools. Income, expenses, credit scores, debts, and loans can all be calculated for users. Aside from providing value to users, free tools are an excellent way to obtain backlinks and improve the site’s ranking.

Monetization Strategy

NerdWallet monetizes its pages by including affiliate links to financial and credit card companies like Citibank, American Express, and Capital One. For each user signup, the site earns a referral fee.

NerdWallet receives funds from brands in exchange for product reviews in addition to affiliate marketing. It maintains, however, that such endorsements will have no effect on the quality of its recommendations.

NerdWallet Stats:

  • Niche: Finance
  • Domain rating: 89
  • Monthly visits: 18+ million

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