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What is SurveyMonkey ?

SurveyMonkey Rewards is a mobile app that rewards you with Amazon gift cards in exchange for completing short surveys. It is a subsidiary of SurveyMonkey, a well-known market research platform.

You’ve probably heard of SurveyMonkey, especially if you work in marketing. They’re best known for their free survey tool, which allows anyone to create online surveys and send them to the people they want to receive them.

SurveyMonkey, on the other hand, provides a variety of other market research products. SurveyMonkey Audience is one of them. This is a paid platform where businesses can create surveys for distribution to a global audience, which is where SurveyMonkey Rewards comes in.

SurveyMonkey Audience distributes surveys to people who fit the researchers’ target demographics using SurveyMonkey Rewards.

One feature that distinguishes SurveyMonkey Rewards from other survey platforms is that you can only take surveys through the mobile app. This app is free to download and available for both iOS and Android.


Taking Surveys

One of the most significant disadvantages of using SurveyMonkey Rewards is that there aren’t many survey invitations, so you’ll have to be patient. There are regular periods of three or four days without any surveys, and these dry spells can last even longer.

The majority of the surveys on this platform began with a few qualifying questions. These questions are designed to weed out respondents who aren’t a good fit for the survey. Following these initial qualifying questions, you may be disqualified.

These questionnaires covered a wide range of topics and included open-ended and multiple-choice questions. SurveyMonkey hosts all of the surveys, so you will not be directed to any third-party websites. Many surveys follow a similar format because SurveyMonkey provides templates to their clients.


How much money can you make?

As you can see, the app only provides one way to earn money. As a result, the amount you can earn is primarily determined by how frequently you can complete a survey and how well the app pays. And, as I previously stated, there aren’t many surveys you can take.

In terms of the amount you can earn from a survey, you will typically earn between $0.25 and $0.5 per survey completed successfully. So, even though the app has a relatively low payout threshold, reaching it and redeeming an Amazon gift card will require some perseverance.

That effectively renders the low payout threshold meaningless. However, there is one thing you can do to improve your chances of earning more money from this app. You can actually enable your mobile device’s location because the app will invite you to answer surveys when you are near a specific location.

You may gain access to more surveys as a result of doing so. However, this is not a guarantee. It’s simply something you can do to increase your chances of earning more money.

However, I believe the app has a limited earning potential.


How do you get paid?

Each survey you complete will be paid in US dollars and credited to your SurveyMonkey Rewards account balance. You can withdraw your earnings once you’ve earned at least $5 (a low threshold).

Now, if you were hoping to make money from this app, you will be disappointed. Amazon gift cards are the only redeemable reward that is comparable to cash. As a result, their payment options are somewhat limited.

However, you can donate your earnings to a charity that they support, and they will match your donation 100%. So, if you’re feeling charitable, this could be a good use of your earned rewards.

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