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5 Ways to make you Earn Bitcoin for free using Cryptotab Browser

ways to earn using Cryptotab

You may have heard of a website called CryptoTab if you’re seeking to earn Bitcoin for free.

By installing their browser, this browser says you may mine cryptocurrencies and earn passive income.

It’s undoubtedly a compelling offer, but there are a few key points we need to discuss before you utilize CryptoTab.

What is Cryptotab?

The Cryptotab browser is a Chrome-like browser that allows for surfing, adding extensions, syncing accounts, and maintaining history. The browser can mine bitcoins as you use it, and you will receive those bitcoins as payment (Satoshi).

CryptoTab free ways to earn Bitcoin

It is an innovative browsing solution, combining the edgiest web technologies with the unique built-in mining algorithm.

What makes it special is that typically, miners only utilize laptops designed for mining cryptocurrency; however, if you use CryptoTab for mining, you may still use your computer for other tasks.

How to install CryptoTab?

Click here to download Cryptotab browser.

  1. Step 1-Download the installation file.
  2. Step 2-If prompted, click Run or Save.
  3. Step 3-If you chose Save, double-click download to start installing.
  4. Step 4-Start CryptoTab Browser.
  5. Step 5-Login with your Google account and you also can import all the settings like bookmarks, favourites, history and saved passwords.

How to set the crypto tab browser as the default browser? 

  • Step 1- On your computer, click the start menu
  • Step 2- Click Settings
  • Step 3- Open default apps, Original version: Click Default Apps , Creators Update: Click Default Apps
  • Step 4- At the bottom, under “Web Browser”, click your current browser
  • Step 5- In the ‘Choose an app’ window, click Crypto Tab Browser

How do I Manage Passwords on Cryptotab?

After you log in with your password, Cryptotab Browser will ask to save it. You can either accept it by clicking ‘Save’ or reject it by clicking ‘Cancel’.

However, you can turn off the setting any time by navigating in the Settings option and selecting the Advanced Setting tab.

CryptoTab Features

The website advertises all of the following features:

  • Extensions: The system accepts Chrome extensions, so you can add any and all of them, including ad blockers, security utilities, performance-improving utilities, themes, and more.
  • Bitcoin mining: According to the website, you are continuously mining cryptocurrencies through your browser, which implies that whenever you have open browser tabs, you are mining. However, when the browser window is open, the mining pace is faster.
  • Support for Multiple Browsers: CryptoTab is a free standalone download that supports the import of data from Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Safari.
  • Refer Your Friends: CryptoTab rewards referrals. By introducing friends, you can increase your earnings. A 10 level referral network is also present.
  • Payouts: There is a 0.00001 BTC minimum withdrawal amount, but you can withdraw your money at any moment directly to a BTC wallet.
  • World’s first NFT Mining: Regardless of the strength of your hardware, NFT Mining gives you a steady hashrate and a Bitcoin income. A new phase in the growth of the CryptoTab ecosystem called CT NFT was developed for the most effective mining. Tokens can be activated for long-term BTC income, and any hardware will do!
  • CT VPN: Get easy access to any website around the world. Once the secure connection is established, the app will work in the background, keeping your data safe.
  • Cloud Boost: The Cloud.Boost feature speeds up mining multiple times, allowing you to earn way more on the very same hardware you already have. You can use different boosts on each of the devices linked to your account, both desktop, and mobile.
  • Advanced URL Shortener: not only helps you turn long links into short and easy-to-remember ones but also make money from it!

Can you make money with CryptoTab Browser?

Now that we have a better understanding of how CryptoTab operates and whether it would be worthwhile, let’s look more closely at the income potential it provides.

Your ability to earn money from the CryptoTab browser will mostly depend on how frequently you mine, how many people you can refer, and how many devices you install it on. Let me be clear, though: you will be let down if you expect to become this wealthy.

Earning money requires a lot of time. Your internet speed and the number of devices you install it on will have a significant impact on how much money you can make. It will require quite a bit of patience to utilize CryptoTab on just one device, so if you can, use it on multiple devices.

Therefore, it’s not always a productive approach to make money. But the strength of it, in my opinion, is that you also don’t have to do anything at all to earn. And it is actually rather good in comparison to other mining possibilities where you do not have to make a special equipment investment.

Furthermore, you can add to your profits through their ten-level referral scheme. And if you choose to use CryptoTab, I would unquestionably suggest doing this.

Additionally, you purchase boost packages to raise your earning potential by a factor of up to 15. I wouldn’t necessarily advise making an immediate investment in this. Instead, I advise you to test it out for about a week with as many devices as you can, after which you should figure out how much money you would make with a boost package and determine whether it will be lucrative.

In my opinion, you should just start with one of the smaller packages and then scale from there once you see how it goes. It is absolutely something that can be worth attempting and it can help you earn faster.

Ways of earning in Cryptotab

1. Mining

You must set up the CryptoTab browser before you can begin mining cryptocurrencies. The only requirement for this income potential is this.

Just a quick note to say that when I originally installed it, my antivirus software initially stopped it and warned that it might be dangerous.

I’m not claiming that it will inevitably damage your computer; rather, I’m just providing the warning I received so that you can take it into account and decide for yourself whether it’s right for you.

The same engine that powers Google Chrome, Chromium, powers the browser. It won’t feel all that different from Chrome, then. The same browser extensions are also usable.

Generate Bitcoins Using CryptoTab Mobile Browser

You can start to mine Bitcoins on an Android phone using this browser on your mobile by following the mentioned steps. 

  • Download the CryptoTab Browser 
  • If you plan to use the PRO version, you will have to make a payment first; otherwise, with the LITE version, you can proceed by clicking the Download button. 
  • When the installation is completed, open the app, and click on “Accept & Continue.”
  • Sign-up by entering your email address and confirming the email address.
  • From the left bottom corner, reach “CRYPTOTAB DASHBOARD.”
  • Click on “Turn on,” fill the captcha, and your mining will be started. 
  • You have to open the application after every 3 hours, turn it on, and fill the captcha again to restart mining. 
  • After every 3 hours, you will be paid some Bitcoin amount. 

How do I increase my CryptoTab mining for free?

Multiply your hashrate and double your mining speed. Start earning many times more.
What you need to do:

  1. Tell your friends about CryptoTab Browser and share your unique link.
  2. Wait for at least two of them to download CryptoTab Browser and create accounts.
  3. Activate free Cloud. Boost X2 for 30 days

2. Affiliate program

Participating in CryptoTab’s affiliate program, also known as a referral program, is another method to make money with them.

The concept is very basic. By means of an invite link, you can invite users to utilize CryptoTab. They will become your recommendation if they click the link, download CryptoTab, and install it on their PC or mobile device.

Cryptotab affiliate

You can use additional landing pages of different styles and sizes to invite people to your mining network. Select the most appropriate landing page to best suit your promotional content and type of traffic.

Ten tiers are present in their affiliate program. As a result, when your referral extends an invitation to use CryptoTab and that person accepts, that person becomes your second level referral, and so on up to the tenth level.

That is how their referral program operates, and in comparison to many others, it is actually rather generous. So it may be worthwhile to invite people you know who could be interested in making money through mining.

The incentive you will receive decreases with increasing referral level. As seen in the image above, you will now get a 15% compensation for every dollar your level 1 referral makes using CryptoTab.

CryptoTab will pay the commission; it won’t be taken out of what your referral makes. Considering that there are 10 levels, it’s a wonderful way to generate passive revenue. However, you must ensure that those you invite have a genuine interest in utilizing CryptoTab.

The disadvantage of this option is that you won’t make money if no one is mining.

3. CryptoTab Farm

The quickest and simplest way to set up a robust mining setup on your laptop or PC is with CryptoTab Farm. A straightforward and practical software or the web can be used to adjust and manage the entire farm or a single miner. Profit all the time and with no restrictions or fees when you withdraw money.

Cryptotab farm

Cryptotab Farm Features

  • Easy to install: Download CryptoTab Farm app or sign in from a browser to get instant access to the mining farm dashboard. Start mining in just a few clicks
  • Quick withdrawals: Request withdrawals at any moment an unlimited number of times per day. No commission and no restrictions!
  • Be secured: You can be sure that you have access to your earnings any time you want. Sign in with your preferred social network account: Google, Facebook, Twitter, or VK.
  • Full control: Track performance, adjust settings, or create a mining schedule to achieve better results.
  • Free to try: Activate a trial and add one real miner for free.

4. Advanced URL Shortener not only helps you turn long links into short and easy-to-remember ones but also make money from it!

  • Powerful Dashboard
  • Targeting & Geo
  • Easy Monetization
  • URL Password Protection
  • Full Data Analysis
  • Quick Withdrawals and more…’s powerful dashboard provides you with all the data you need. Clicks, top referring channels, geodata, preferred browsers and operation systems—with the audience will be in full view of you.

5. NFT Mining

A group of skilled programmers and designers came up with NFT Mining to give users the greatest possible experience when utilizing the most cutting-edge technological solutions available in the cryptocurrency industry. They are always developing new solutions to make dealing with the cryptocurrency business secure, practical, and open to anyone.

How to start earning BTC with NFT Mining?

Starting NFT Mining is easy! Connect MetaMask wallet and verify your email. Then add and activate CryptoTab mining NFTs in the CT NFT dashboard. You are ready! Enjoy your BTC income with extra fast withdrawals!

Regardless of hardware power, NFT Mining is a cutting-edge mining system that offers users a steady income in BTC and hashrate. Build your own mining Klondaik using the NFT Mining collection to get valuable benefits from every NFT in the collection, like enhanced hashrate, discounts, and special mining controls!

Cryptotab Withdrawal and Payments

A minimum withdrawal of 0.00001 BTC, or $0.065 USD (depending on the market value of BTC), is permitted. Crypotab mines bitcoins and pays out in bitcoins. To ensure a smooth withdrawal process, be sure to enter your bitcoin address to the account.

To take Bitcoins out of your Cryptotab account:

Step 1: Locate the Crypto Tab icon on the toolbar

Step 2: Select “Withdraw” from the menu (three horizontal lines).

Step 3: Enter your desired Bitcoin withdrawal amount and your Bitcoin wallet address.

In the Payment Journal, which is accessible via a button on the Crypto Tab Browser page, you may keep track of your withdrawals.

Twice daily, Crypto Tab processes payments manually. It does, however, want to quickly transition to automatic mode within the next several days.

Wrapping It Up

Using the CryptoTab browser can be a passive way to earn extra money or even bitcoin online.

And it can be a simple way to make money by mining if you do it correctly, install it on numerous devices, let it run as much as you can, add friends, and possibly obtain their boost packages.

Simply do it with realistic expectations rather than hoping to get wealthy or something similar. But the CryptoTab browser is one of your finest options if you want to mine cryptocurrency without spending money on specialized equipment.

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