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11 Bitcoin Faucet to Earn Money without Investment


In contrast to the traditional methods of purchasing and trading cryptocurrencies, there is an alternative technique of obtaining cryptocurrencies that is rarely discussed: using crypto faucets.

It is a safe and legal approach, yes. When experimenting with bitcoin faucets, be sure to have realistic expectations in mind because this is not one of those quick-rich schemes. Since there are currently over 19 million Bitcoins in circulation, which are still in high demand, digital currencies are regularly in the news these days.

What Is a Bitcoin Faucet?

Bitcoin faucets are websites or apps that dispense small amounts of Bitcoin in exchange for completing tasks or viewing advertisements. While most faucets only dispense a few satoshis at a time, some offer larger rewards.

They include watching video clips, filling out surveys, solving CAPTCHAs, reading articles online, clicking advertisements, playing games, and so forth.

Earning money via bitcoin faucets works somehow similarly. It’s named a faucet because the rewards users earn are small, just like leaking water droplets from a faucet. 

Among the tasks that you will be asked to complete are:

  • Playing games
  • Answering surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Clicking ads
  • Solving captcha

Even if these actions seem overly simple, keep in mind that using bitcoin faucets may require some time to accumulate a sizable sum of cryptocurrency. The task’s difficulty and the rewards are inversely correlated; the simpler the work, the smaller the reward, and vice versa.

Users will receive a satoshi, which is the smallest unit of the bitcoin money. Since 1 BTC is equal to 100 million Satoshis, you can simply perform more activities to increase your earnings of bitcoins.

How Bitcoin Faucets Work?

You might receive a Bitcoin wallet in some circumstances. The number of tasks you do determines how many free coins (Satoshis) you receive. A specific quantity of cryptocurrency is added to your balance each time you finish a task.

You’ll typically be working on dozens of things simultaneously. The more free bitcoins you can get, the longer you can stay on the website. It is the smallest Bitcoin unit available when it comes to Satoshi. A Satoshi is equivalent to 0.00000001 BTC. Most websites impose a waiting period before allowing you to withdraw your winnings.

The owner of the faucet posts advertisements on the website in the form of videos or banners. After that, links to the faucet are posted on forums, blogs, and other websites that are comparable to it.

After that, users will go to these websites and finish the chores. You’ll receive satoshis as payment once the jobs are finished. Depending on the website, you might need to build up your satoshi balance to a specific threshold before initiating the withdrawal.

Best Elements To Look Out For In Bitcoin Faucets

You should keep these few points in mind before signing up for the first Bitcoin faucet you come across in order to select the one that best meets your needs.

Withdrawal Amount

The majority of frequently used Bitcoin faucets prevent withdrawals unless a minimum threshold value is reached. Usually, the threshold is 10,000 Satoshis (around USD5 or 0.0001BTC)

Withdrawal Method

Before entering any faucets, make sure you have a bitcoin wallet ready because your earnings will be credited to that account.

Claim Amount

This represents the potential amount of satoshis that may be gained. Generally speaking, the larger the incentive is, the harder the task is to perform.

Referral Fee

Utilize the referral program on these websites to make some extra money. When choosing your faucet, take this into account.

What Are The Best Bitcoin Faucets?

1. FreeBitcoin – Best for rolling numbers to earn Bitcoin BTC


FreeBitcoin is a trustworthy faucet that enables customers to get a variety of benefits. By claiming prizes and winning competitions, you can make an hourly withdrawal of your claims to your Bitcoin wallet address. One of the best bitcoin faucets as a result of this.

Through browser games, FreeBitcoin users can compete for prizes and stake their gains. In addition to games, players can answer captchas to win various giveaways, lotteries, and jackpots, as well as other prizes.

The platform is transparent because it shows the total number of users. Users can earn money through its referral program. On their official website, the FreeBitcoin blog offers the most recent cryptocurrency news.

You can receive interest on your Bitcoin holdings on this website of up to 4.8 percent, which is one of its benefits. Play the Hi-Lo game, a cryptocurrency and math-based game, to grow your Bitcoin holding. If you win, you may win the grand prize of 1 BTC.

Regarding their referral program, you will get 50% of whatever your referrals earn in addition to getting free lottery tickets each time they play.

2. Cointiply – Best for viewing ads to earn free Bitcoins


Users of Cointiply can earn bitcoin by downloading apps and completing surveys. Both a desktop website and an Android app are accessible. For a chance to earn free Satoshi and withdraw it as Bitcoin BTC, you can download it from the Google Play store.

You can roll a number on Cointiply every hour to receive a prize. When you finish easy activities on the platform, you can get grace period tokens (GPT).

You can watch videos and advertisements on the Cointiply faucet’s VideoFox and HideOut TV to earn GPT. Although they don’t pay well, you can play them on a different tab by finishing easy tasks.

Active users can use Cointiply’s surprise promotional codes to increase their earnings. It is flexible for most people because there are an infinite number of games or offers to pick from. It is one of the highest-paying bitcoin faucets due to the range of offerings.

You will receive a loyalty bonus after registering and logging into your account, and you can also earn additional incentives by leveling up after reaching the goals established for job fulfillment.

This website has a fun feature where, after collecting 35,000 coins, you may earn 5% interest on your amount. Users can receive 25% of any faucet claims made by referrals as well as 10% of offer profits through their referral program.

Key Features:

  • Access to alternative cryptocurrencies including Dogecoin, Dash, and litecoin.
  • Customers benefit from online purchasing and product reviews.
  • A redeemable sign-on incentive is given to new users.
  • Use the chat tool to exchange information with other users and use daily bonuses.
  • Even with incomplete questionnaires, users still receive prizes.

3. Coinpayu – Best for hourly faucet claims


Users of Coinpayu can convert text into ten different languages thanks to its user-friendly design. It supports over 10 coins and offers hourly faucet claims. In order to withdraw, a user will later convert the crypto currencies they claim to Bitcoin BTC. Connecting a crypto exchange makes it possible.

The surf advertising provide the best payout. As long as the site is open in a tab and the timer is running, you can still earn while not being on the page. Windowed advertisements, on the other hand, only appear while there are active tabs open.

Similar to windowed adverts, consumers must watch the entire video ad to receive satoshis.

Coinpayu offers other ways to earn faucets, including;

  • Hourly crypto faucets
  • Completing offers
  • Surfing websites
  • Surveys
  • Participating in free trials.

Key Features:

  • Users have access to on-site advertising that they can utilize to access additional free faucets.
  • Dogecoin (DOGE), Payeer (USD), and Bitcoin (BTC) addresses are all acceptable for withdrawal.
  • There is a wide range of support for the platform on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Users of Coinpayu can use its membership tiers to increase their cryptocurrency earnings.
  • Each day, users are given more than 5 free faucet claims.

4. Firefaucet – Best for claiming automatic cryptocurrency faucets


The offer walls, site connections, and surveys are all ways that users of Firefaucets can earn free Bitcoins. One of the earliest faucets for bitcoin to use the auto payment technique was this one.

This website provides short links that require you to enter a captcha. If you can figure it out, you get paid in satoshis. After that, you can transfer your winnings to your wallet.

You may find a number of surveys on the Firefaucet website. However, you must first meet the requirements by completing the survey board’s duties. You receive free bitcoin. Multiple faucets on its offer wall provide rewards if you choose to redeem them. As a result, Firefaucet is one of the bitcoin faucets that pays the most.

Every 30 minutes, as long as you are active, you can claim ACP, a free incentive program for using Firefaucet. You may perform daily bonus tasks on Firefaucet.

To earn extra cryptocurrency, turn on the automated claims feature. Owners of bitcoin faucets can invite others and make money through the referral program. It turns it into a dependable bitcoin faucet with long-term profits.

Key Features:

  • Activity availability and automatic claim points (ACP).
  • You can choose among gift cards from retailers like Amazon, eBay, or Mastercard.
  • A mobile-friendly website since Firefaucet lacks a smartphone application.
  • Users are still paid by Firefaucet even if they fail to finish jobs.
  • A comprehensive help section that includes a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page

5. Satoshihero – Best for quick bitcoin payout


Users of Satoshihero can get money by playing games and utilizing free faucets. Free faucets do not ensure a fixed return; instead, the payout varies according to the offer.

There is a stake option in Satoshihero. Like any other blockchain poker, you may start playing with as little as 100 satoshis and earn free Bitcoin. Users can play random games like Hot Fruits and MMA Legends to receive rewards.

Since every game is available online, downloading is not necessary. Due to the fact that you wager your money, Satoshihero’s slot machine resembles the compensated faucet in several ways. A referral program, completing offers and surveys, and other guaranteed ways to make money are all included.

Surveys and questionnaires from reliable partners like Timebucks are available on the offer wall. Working with such businesses ensures a steady stream of assignments. You can increase your faucet total by completing tasks on the offer wall.

Key Features:

  • Access to the withdrawal system for Faucetpay.
  • Captcha solutions make it simple to earn free bitcoin.
  • One of the earliest faucets for Bitcoin that use an automatic payment scheme. When a user reaches the minimal withdrawal threshold, it becomes active.
  • Three languages are available on the interface: English, Spanish, and Russian.
  • To log in, users can use their Satoshi Monster credentials.

6. Stakecube – Best for faucet staking


Through free and paid faucets, Stakecube users claim Bitcoin BTC and other cryptocurrencies. Community cryptocurrency faucets are payments made to the system. Users can claim them as free faucets without having to perform any work. When customers participate in deals on the website, they are rewarded with premium cryptocurrency faucets.

Stakecube is among the highest-paying bitcoin faucets because it is the greatest bitcoin faucet for staking. Paid stakes increase the likelihood that larger offers will be claimed. Users can use its online support system through its official website.

You can link up with more Bitcoin sites like Unlike other faucets, the platform changes its coin portfolio every day. Every time you log in, new bitcoin faucets will be available to you.

Some of the latest free coins include:

  • Reddcoin (RDD)
  • Deviant Coin (DEV)
  • Bitcoin W Spectrum (BWS)
  • Bitcoin cash
  • Bitcoin SV

Key Features:

  •  A system hosting master nodes for a quick interface and features.
  • Users have the option of exchanging their claimed coins for fiat money or other cryptocurrencies. You can also do this by using a cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Stakecube offers mining support for more experienced users.
  • Users that are premium members have access to increased staking limits.
  • Visa, Mastercard, Union Pay, and American Express are the available payment methods on Stakecube.

7. BTCBux – Best for user engagement with advertisers


Both desktop and mobile devices support BTCBux. You may locate new incentive campaigns and paid surveys on its offer wall. You have daily access to up to 10 brief links for rating websites, video games, or surveys.

Advertisers can interact with consumers through social links thanks to BTCBux. Its dashboard design is simple. Users can quickly examine their points, statistics, and balance on this website.

Users can participate in several referral tiers. As long as you use BTCBux, you’ll eventually reach the highest referral level. A free redeemable bonus is given to new users. Payeer (USD), Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin are the available withdrawal methods (BTC)

Key Features:

  • Support for a maximum of five micro wallets or cryptocurrency wallet addresses. You may link it to your hardware wallet from Trezor, for instance.
  • within 12 hours after a withdrawal request, quick payouts.
  • Filtering by demographics is available.
  • Social media links are an option for advertisers.
  • Desktop and mobile advertisements are distinguished by BTCBux.

8. Allcoin – Best for earning cryptocurrencies through gaming 


Users of Allcoin can access more than 10 coins using this crypto faucet. It includes prominent crypto currency like Ethereum and Bitcoin as well as less well-known ones like the GoGoMonster Token. You can make money by watching adverts.

Each faucet ad costs nothing, but there is no cap on the number that can be viewed. The least expensive option to withdraw is through GogoMonster. Each transaction on Bitcoin costs more satoshis due to the high charge. A free bitcoin is awarded to active users every six claims, up to 50 per day.

On Allcoin, you may also make Bitcoin BTC by participating in “Motivation” and the standard faucet. It elevates it to one of the top Bitcoin faucets available. The traditional faucet is where you use short links to solve captchas.

Key Features:

  • Two daily claims for free using the automatic faucet
  • Bitcoin ads with high payouts.
  • Satoshis can be withdrawn using Trons and Bitcoin Cash.
  • Deposits can be made through wire transfers and credit cards.
  • A platform for top cryptocurrencies like Ripple and Dogecoin to swap cryptocurrency.
  • To facilitate less expensive transactions, ALC tokens are available.

9. Faucet Crypto – People looking for a crypto faucet with a wide array of cryptocurrencies offered.


Faucet Crypto is a cryptocurrency faucet that sets itself apart by offering a variety of cryptocurrencies to earn, including a list of more than 20 coins at the moment.

By completing surveys, watching movies, or just hitting the claim button, you can earn coins every 25 minutes. You can level up as well to increase your earnings, and you’ll get a 20% commission on all lifetime earnings made by everyone you refer.

Users can get payments directly from the blockchain by sending their money to a private cryptocurrency wallet. More than 1.5 million people have signed up with Faucetcrypto, and it has processed over 4 million withdrawals.

Key Features:

  • Enables easy cryptocurrency earning
  • Has access to a range of cryptocurrencies
  • Has a system for leveling up that can enhance your income
  • Offers substantial referral incentives

10. Bitcoinker – Bitcoin faucet that lets you earn crypto easily and quickly.


A cryptocurrency faucet called Bitcoinker rewards users with free coins in return for solving easy CAPTCHAs. By completing CAPTCHAs here, you can win up to 100,000 Satoshi on a 5-minute timer.

Bitcoinker charges a 10% commission on all deposits and has an average price of around 7 Satoshi. You can also qualify for seniority incentives of up to 30% if you utilize the service frequently.

A minimum of 20,000 Satoshi must be withdrawn from the site, and withdrawals are performed once per week to the wallet of your choice.

Key Features:

  • Bitcoin faucet that enables immediate cryptocurrency earning
  • A 5-minute interval between crypto earnings that is extremely short
  • Has a program for referrals
  • The longer you use the platform, the more bonuses you might receive on your earnings.

11. Rollercoin –  A platform that gamifies the process of crypto mining.


The cryptocurrency faucet RollerCoin makes mining more entertaining. After registering, you create a pixelated mining character and take part in mini-games and other activities to increase your mining strength.

The greater your chance of winning, the more miners there are in your pool. The pool’s overall mining capacity (EH/s of hashes per second), along with the “power” of your character, determine the payout rate. The Bitcoin block is shared among active users every ten minutes.

Daily withdrawals are available in Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin (BTC) (DOGE). The network rewards referrals with a 25% bonus on Bitcoin mined and a 15% commission on their purchases.

Key Features:

  • Lets you earn cryptocurrency by playing arcade games
  • Withdrawals every day in three crypto tokens (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin)
  • Has a program for referrals
  • Increases your earning potential as you level up your character.

Pros and cons of Bitcoin faucets

The ability to earn Bitcoins without making an investment is the key benefit. Your time is the only thing you spend money on. These services are straightforward to use, with few features and an easy-to-navigate UI. You only need to register and validate your email; thorough verification is typically not needed. Services that use FaucetPay are an exception. However, signing up for this system is simple.

In other words, the simplest way to earn cryptocurrency is through faucets. You only need a computer or smartphone with an internet connection; you don’t require financial market expertise, specialized schooling, or startup funding. The only restrictions on your ability to make money are service timings and user fatigue. After all, you will need to repeatedly complete several easy and boring steps.

Wrapping It Up

You might be able to supplement your income with cryptocurrency faucets. There is no way for you to get wealthy, though. The prizes received are meager, and it will take some time to amass a significant number of coins.

Contrary to bitcoin trading, a cryptocurrency faucet is an excellent method to get started in the quickly developing sector of digital currency.

Spend some time looking through the websites that fit your criteria and researching some of the alternate forms of payment to determine whether your increased revenues would outweigh bitcoin’s rising value.

Check out these Cryptocurrency Faucets for more crypto earnings.

Crypto Faucet List

NameEarningsClaim TimeStartMicro
CointiplyHighbetween 1 and 12 hours2017
CoinpayuHigh60 min2017Faucetpay
FaucetpayMiddle24 hours2019Faucetpay
FreebitcoinGood60 min2013
adbtcHigh24 hours2016Faucetpay
Autofaucet DutchycorpGood24 hours2018Faucetpay
FirefaucetGood30 min2018Faucetpay
ClaimbitsMiddle5 min2019Faucetpay
Satoshi HeroMiddle30 min.2018Faucetpay
Satoshi MonsterMiddle30 min.2018Faucetpay
GrabtcMiddle60 min2020Faucetpay
KoiniomGood4 hours2016Faucetpay
ESFaucetMiddle30 min.2019Faucetpay
CryptowinMiddle15 min.2018Faucetpay
YannikGoodBTC 10 min
IOTA 60 min
ClaimfreecoinsMiddle5 min2017Faucetpay
GlobalhiveMiddle24 hours2020
AllcoinsGood6 min.2018
FaucetcryptoMiddle25 min.2017
ClaimclicksMiddle5 min.2020Faucetpay
BitsFreeMiddle15 min.2019Faucetpay
CoinadsterMiddle10 min.2019Faucetpay
LarvelfaucetMiddle30 min.2018Faucetpay
BucksifyMiddle60 min.2019
BitdailyLow24 hours2021Faucetpay
BTCBunchLow5 min.2021Faucetpay
MulticoinsLow5 min.2021Faucetpay
Big BTC WinLow3 min2017Faucetpay
BitclixLow24 hours2018Faucetpay
Free LitecoinLow60 min2017
Free EthereumLow60 min2019
QashbitsVery Low5 min.2019
GoldenfaucetVery Low5 min2018Faucetpay
Kryp2bitsHigh1 min2021Faucetpay
Zolomix.com2022Faucetpay 2022Faucetpay

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